We design websites that primarily have to convert and reach new customers worldwide.

We create professional websites, we design with passion. Your brand new website should introduce your business in the best possible way. Our company offers complex services, that will boost your branding. We not only design websites, that have to convert, but we also work out a complete online strategy to sell your services or products. Nowadays more than 80% of customers are doing online research before buying your product. Creating professional websites that attract new customers is our passion.

Web design frequently asked questions:

How much does a website cost?

It depends on the functionality of the website. Each project is priced individually. A basic website: Homepage, Services, Contact might cost somewhere around 400$ and 1000$.

How long do I have to wait for a website?

This is a tricky question. We want primarily our services to be professional and design clean and functional and that is why we need some time. A standard project would take us 2-4 weeks, but of course there are mutliple factors to be considered.

When do I pay?

First of all we have to make an order contract via E-Mail. The website is normally prepaid, because there are many costs that we have to cover like buying hosting, domain etc.

How do we create websites?

We mostly use WordPress as it's one of the most powerful and popular CMS in the world. Actually more than 30% of the Web is created with WordPress. We also know HTML, RWD CSS and JavaScript, but content management system is a much better option if you want to easily edit the page afterwards.

What is my input into the the process?

Your input is huge. We want you to engage and tell us as much as possible, so we can create website according to your preferences.

What if the website stops working?

We are all the time here for you. Just please send an E-Mail with data required to analyze the issue and we will do our best to fix it. We won't leave you with a non-working website for sure.

Who creates the content?

In most cases the best option is, when you provide us with the content that mosly fit your business and niche, but it is of course possible that we fully take care of that as well.

Professional website
What does it actually mean?

Professional website means primarily fresh and clean design. We want every project to be readable and attractive for the customers. We also highly concentrate on designing fast websites, because we do not want your customers to wait. We achieve this by optimizing the content, pictures and videos. What makes us different is the fact that we keep developing our design and programming skills. By following all the newest Google trends we can assure a high quality work from our side.

Every website created by us is our visit card
We are proud of our works

We always make websites that follow the actual trends and are totally mobile-friendly. We also take care of the legal side, so we follow the General Data Protection Regulations.

If you think about doing business online you have to let us design a website for you. We will help you not only with the design, but also work out a complete online marketing strategy that will help you to change your visitors into your buyers. To achieve this, we will have to find out, who are your customers and what actions have to be done. Depending on the business you are running, we might have to integrate Social Media into your strategy or implement multilingual website for customers from abroad. As you probably can see our work is much more complex, but the goal is still the same: we want you to reach new customers easily.

We create clean, functional and professional websites

We strongly believe that our websites will convert in the near future and will boost your business by bringing new customers. We love to see, that our design works effectively and the visitors just like it.